Life Coaching with Tereasa Jones - Navigate the World of Relationships

Life Coaching with Tereasa Jones - Navigate the World of Relationships

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Do you realize that your futures are a book waiting to be written. There will be many chapters in this book called “Our Marriage”, and you get to write all of them! This is one of the most exciting times of your lives, and you will want to take advantage of this once in a life-time opportunity to plan the details of your lives together.

The premarital program that I have put together consists of a minimum of six sessions that focus on six of the most important aspects of your marriage. Together we will start writing the chapters of your “Our Marriage” book. Because I believe that the most important thing to realize is that marriage is a covenant between the two of you, and between the two of you and God, this is where we start our journey. We will explore this thing called a covenant. We will make sure that both of you understand what you are promising as you stand at the alter. Then we will move onto some practical things that you will encounter in your marriage and you will begin making decisions about how your marriage will look and feel.

Premarital Coaching is perhaps the best investment you can make in your futures. As such, it makes an excellent gift for family or friends to give. Imagine how great it will be to start this marriage with a full understanding of what it will take, and a plan for how to get there. Most of us only wish we had been given this opportunity!

Before you exchange your vows, make sure you understand the covenant you are making!

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