Life Coaching with Tereasa Jones - Navigate the World of Relationships

Life Coaching with Tereasa Jones - Navigate the World of Relationships

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What is ADD/ADHD Coaching?

ADD/ADHD Coaching is an important part of a comprehensive program for adults with ADD/ADHD. Through coaching, clients learn to own and take responsibility for their ADD/ADHD. They learn to communicate with and negotiate their relationships. Those in relationship with an Adult with ADD/ADHD might also benefit from coaching. While there are many traits that people who have ADD/ADHD have in common, the coaching process is individualized. Systems and strategies are developed that promote good habits so that ADD/ADHD clients can be successful in relationships, at work, and in their everyday lives.

How Will Coaching Help?

Many adults with ADD/ADHD have never experienced the unconditional support and positive regard that comes from the coaching relationship. During coaching the adult with ADD/ADHD will:

  • Learn to negotiate relationships
  • Identify strengths
  • Identify values that can support growth
  • Identify personal challenges
  • Develop personal awareness, responsibility, and self-regulation
  • Develop good social and communication skills
  • Understand and develop good boundaries
  • Stop procrastination in it’s tracks
  • Increase follow through
  • Create customized systems
  • Learn how to keep track of projects
  • Improve consistency and effectiveness.
  • Experience accountability from the Coach

Through Coaching, adults with ADD/ADHD will become empowered to take control over their lives and relationships. There really is no substitution for an effective coaching relationship for the adult with ADD/ADHD.  To set up an appointment to see if you might benefit from coaching, please contact me today.

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