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ADD/ADHD: The Discovery of Strengths that You Already Have


Tereasa Jones - ADD/ADHD: The Discovery of Strengths that You Already Have

I’ve met so many incredible people over my years of ADD/ADHD coaching. They are some of the strongest and most resilient people you could ever imagine. When we talk about ADD/ADHD, we often focus on all of the downsides of the condition: the social anxiety, the inability to focus, not being able to ever be on time, etc. However, there are some unique strengths that also can come along with the ADD/ADHD package. These strengths, if properly utilized and harnessed, can boost natural talents and abilities, while also potentially making the condition somewhat easier to deal with on the whole. Every person in the world is a collection of strengths and weaknesses, the only difference with ADD/ADHD is those traits tend to be a little more… intense!

But first, let me get something out of the way right at the top. ADD and ADHD are serious conditions that millions have to deal with every day. These conditions can cause tremendous strain on relationships, careers, and life in general. This article isn’t meant to look at the “bright side” of the condition. There are a ton of articles out there on the internet that try to put a positive spin on having ADD/ADHD, and they usually ending up being quite offensive. That is not my intention. Let me also say that not everyone’s ADD/ADHD symptoms are identical. When we are looking at the symptoms and side effects in this blog, you might suffer from all of them, none of them or, most likely, a mix.


Resilience is something that sufferers of ADD/ADHD tend to have in spades. Having to deal with these conditions your entire life can certainly wear you down, but they can also makes you stronger. For people with ADD/ADHD, dealing with setbacks, bad days, and frustrating experiences is just par for the course. A bad day that would stop an average person dead in their tracks might be water off a duck’s back for someone with ADD/ADHD.


Silent moments and awkward pauses can be the death of interesting conversations. One perceived symptoms of ADD/ADHD, that of constant conversation or “chattering”, can be a strength if harnessed properly. When you have a conversation with someone with ADD/ADHD, there is rarely ever an awkward pause in the conversation because the ADD/ADHD sufferer will already have been racing ahead to the next topic, the next interesting point. It’s never boring talking with someone with ADD/ADHD!


While this isn’t necessarily a trait shared by everyone with ADD/ADHD, hyperfocus can be a boon for some. The average person, when confronted by a task, often looks for distractions to keep them from their work. YouTube is like poison for these people. Hyperfocus allows many with ADD/ADHD to complete a project they are interested in with directness and concentration, almost cutting out the world around them until the project is done. If used properly, this trait can actually lead to hyper productivity, a major strength in most career situations!


Some might argue that ADD/ADHD are the most creative individuals in the world. This can be a huge advantage in almost every industry. With a constantly racing brain, they can often find solutions to problems that others might miss. If they are an artist, their inventive mind can allow for a level of originality and inspiration that other artists spend their entire lives striving for.

The traits listed above would be considered by most people to be huge personality strengths, ones that they would love to have. Of course, they don’t need to deal with the other side of the ADD/ADHD equation. Learning to work with and harness these positive ADD/ADHD traits can be difficult, but finding the power and strength in your condition is an outstanding way of learning to deal with it on the whole. As everyone’s ADD/ADHD is different, individualized coaching can be an excellent way identify your own personal strengths and learn how you can use them to overcome challenges and obstacles, while empowering yourself to take back control of your condition and your life.

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