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The Power of Identity-based Habits

We discussed last week the importance of establishing better habits and breaking bad ones and some tips to ease us into it. Bite-size actions really add up. This week, let’s go a little deeper. Wanting to change a habit is all well and good, but if it is strictly performance-based and reliant on our behavior, […]

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How to Build Better Habits: Part One

Remember that song, “Hard Habit to Break” in the ’80s? Well, Chicago knew what they were singing about. A habit is hard to break because it’s so automatic, almost unconsciously performing the action. Therefore, to break one – in addition to building better ones – takes awareness and some work. In this five-part series, we’ll […]

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Tips for a Blissful “Framily” Vacation

Is “framily” the new family? It’s true friends can feel just as close as family – and in some cases – even closer than blood relatives. One popular trend is taking a Framily Vacation – which can include a mix of friends and family or even all girls “girls’ trip” or “bro-cation” if it’s an […]

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Spring Cleaning (with ADHD) Survival Guide

  Just the word “spring cleaning” can put a groan in our throats, and that goes double for those who live with ADHD (or literally live with someone with ADHD.) Yet order and structure are important and a clean and de-cluttered house is good for everyone. With the spring sun shining bright, every dust bunny […]

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Galentine, Valentine, Selfentine?

Do you cringe when you think about Valentine’s Day? It’s okay. Many, even in healthy relationships, don’t love the pressure the holiday can bring. Roses, fancy dinner, romantic card? For singles, the day can be a reminder that they haven’t found a match or renews pain over a recent break-up.  While Valentine’s Day likely hailed […]

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Making Friends: Is it Enough to Just “Show Up”?

When we were kids, making friends was so much easier. All you had to do was showup. Just going outside to play, you were guaranteed friends. Showing up on the playground at recess meant you would be able to join a tetherball game or mess around on the monkey bars. So why does it have […]

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New Year, New Start: How to Form More Friendships with ADD/ADHD

If you have ADD/ADHD, a worthwhile goal for the new year might be to start building new friendships and expand your social circle. Here are some great tips and tricks:

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Happy New Year: ADHD/ADD Goals for the Upcoming Year

Here are a few possible ADD/ADHD goals and strategies for the new year that, with work and effort, you can really change the quality of your life for the better!

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The Challenges of ADHD/ADD Over the Holidays

Here are 5 great tips for how can you manage your ADD/ADHD to effectively navigate the stressful challenges of the holidays!

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Strategies for Reading Books and Novels with ADD/ADHD

Reading with ADD/ADHD can be very difficult. There are a few different ADD/ADHD strategies that you can use to help your reading comprehension and maybe even get you to the point where reading can feel like a fun leisure activity!

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