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How to Build Better Habits: Part One

Remember that song, “Hard Habit to Break” in the ’80s? Well, Chicago knew what they were singing about. A habit is hard to break because it’s so automatic, almost unconsciously performing the action. Therefore, to break one – in addition to building better ones – takes awareness and some work. In this five-part series, we’ll […]

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Tips for a Blissful “Framily” Vacation

Is “framily” the new family? It’s true friends can feel just as close as family – and in some cases – even closer than blood relatives. One popular trend is taking a Framily Vacation – which can include a mix of friends and family or even all girls “girls’ trip” or “bro-cation” if it’s an […]

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Spring Cleaning (with ADHD) Survival Guide

  Just the word “spring cleaning” can put a groan in our throats, and that goes double for those who live with ADHD (or literally live with someone with ADHD.) Yet order and structure are important and a clean and de-cluttered house is good for everyone. With the spring sun shining bright, every dust bunny […]

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